mscarftsh0ppe rebranding….

tajuk entry kali ini takder kene mngena dengan hasil craft yag aku buat….erm seminggu sebelom balik beraye aritu derlah cik kema empunyer mscraftshoppe der meminta aku mereka satu logo untuk kedai belaiu ngan kawan nyer tue…..katernyer dienak imej bru…nak yang der benag, button n jarum as the new logo….so after im skectout some idea on the rough of come out with this design…full package…the logo, header for the blog, n the signature of their entry…erm need to wait for their comfirmation..then pastu edit thier blog with the new image….thats all what i mean with this rebranding ..rebranding ker? hehehhe opss lupe theme that aku choose id… pink, black n white….
their new logo

their new header

their new signature

p/s: all the design are my idea using Adobe Illustrator CS3


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