GIVE AWAY update

erm any way sempena besday nie der nak buat give away sbnrnye… so this give away ader dua kategori..for those who follow and read this DARI.DALAM.DIRI.AKU are invited to join this give away and the others category is the follower and the readers of there are 2 winners for each category. so that means there are 4 lucky one wil get freebies from me….before 30.11.09

put this label together with your entry


mak uih ponat…jam menunjukkan kul 1.59 am bersamaan 10 disember 2009. baru je habis melawat blog2 bloggers yang join my give away…huhuhu..thnks to all…keh nie update senarai nama para peserta yer…….

1. tiong-tiong
2. sweetcraft store
3. zai kulim
4. @yanzMnor
5. Rai
6. nea flerida
7. bieha besh
8. wirdah
9. ayu
10. lisavskhusairi
11. d’cottage craft owner htpp://
12. sleepy
13. sweetwannur
14. atiqah
15. anjung kraft
16. anamarza
17. juniza
18. syakila
19. inasepi
20. ogy
21. adila cutie-home
22. aple de gadiz
23. myluverly
24. aishah megahasz
25. taufidris
26. ckin
27. anin
28. cik sarah
29. ieyza
30. kak ngah
31. arni nasir
32. fuzzy aka faziah

so total semua sekali aderlah 32 orng..selepas di tolak comment berulanng dri tuan yang samer….<——salah tuang blog nie gak tak hapdet..hahahah…

kene tunggu lagik yer


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