new experience.

assalamualaikum awak(lor uat aper pandang kanan pandang kiri..) awaklah yang tgh baca tue..hye..leh berkenalan. haha.ok tu formal or standard ayat bilanak mula berkenalan lah. so this time bukan aku nak bercerita mengenai perkenalan aku nagn orng lain lah. nie aku nak berceritah perkenalan aku denagn new carftlah. heheh berapa banyak kali lah daa..ehhhe. ok straight to the point.
perkenalan pertama dengan crumble. hehhe maybe sebab aku suka kaler warna warnie kot so aku pon explorelah how orng or beaders yang jhit bju raya nie buat or jahit bju penuh satu bju..kagum say..tak patah plak tulang belakng jahit manik halus2 tue..KAGUM. aku suka sbb erm..ntah..haha but i want to learn about it do adore teh effect or beautifulness of beading, heheh. so i learn i ask every beaders in my fb list ..thanks all especially kak ekin from ckin artworks. help me alot. really appreciate it..dah takyah cakp banyak jom kit alihat hasil crumble saya..,..

okeh next, is new style of card, this cards is called as EASEL CARD. its can sit. hehe love this card. this is my firt time making this card for my customer. actually she order diffrent cards from me. but i just wants to explore and decide to make her card using this style. so after a while i come out with this design .

the owner of the card request flower and the butterfly

and also the doilies. this card still not finish actually.. need to print out the message inside the card
that all hove u guys love it

for any enquiries, do contact me


+012 922 7754


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