just for you

assalamualaikum/ HI toeveryone…. this time card are requested by Baby, Fasha Sandha best friend…previously i also do grafik work for FS fanpage. Thanks Baby for believe in my works. upcoming are Box and Business Card hopefully you will like them too. She asked me to make a card with Red + White colour since that’s Fasha favourite. at first…blank….didn’t have any idea how it gonna look like…but this card must be a Quiling card…then blank again…so firstly i start making the small flower then gradually the idea comes to my mind. Yes maybe some of you realize i just make same flower again and again and again….hehehehe just change in colour. But the arrangement will be different between each others….anyway i do enjoy making this card…and glad she(baby) like it very much….

request by Baby who is really close with her (not secret admire okay)

someone told me this card very scrap bookish…
i think so…maybe because of the pretty big bow

Happy Birthday Fasha Sandha…
wish you all the best in what ever you do…..

combination of two type of flowers…then comes a new one…love this combination

trying new style of card with big ribbon…seriously i love how it turns at the end

a pair of ladybird…represent birthday girls and her friend

card tyoe: Easel

firstly i feel a lil bit worried about the colour scheme since normally i used to make card with various colours.
but thank GOD it turn nice.

Thanks for reading…
see you next time with felt creation

for any enquiries, do contact me


+012 922 7754 minamisensei@gmail.com


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