Simply put, an art journal is a journal in which you combine art and words to express yourself. That’s it. It’s not complex, and there really aren’t any rules for art journaling. It’s all about self-expression. read more about art journal here

i find art journal is one of the interesting way for someone to express their feeling. art journaling can be anything. mix up of any medium, application of several techniques untill you get what you want it look like at the end.

here some of my art journal that I’m being doing from January till December.. not much but at least I’m happy and i learn a lots of` new thing especially … on technique of applications. mediums. paint and it properties…. what i can say here is….. its can be like more than millions result for different person.




DSC08640 DSC08848DSC08849 DSC08856DSC08852   DSC08854 DSC08851